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Site & Residence Security

site security service

Site & Residence Security

Our home is where we all want to be at peace and feel safe. First of all, risk analysis of the site that we provide security is made and risky areas are determined and an electronic security system is established. The entrances and exits to the site are under control and the entrance and exit of the people who do not have permission, except the residents, are prevented. The guests coming from outside are stopped at the entrance of the site and they are informed about where they came. The person he wants to visit is called and his / her approval is obtained and then they are allowed to enter the site. In this way, the security of the site is ensured against the dangers that may come from outside. In addition, the security of life and property is taken under control against theft cases that may occur by patrolling the site every hour. However, when we review the private security services law, the site, apartment,

The importance of security services for the site and residence

In these areas where we live, such as sites and residences, private security services, which are demanded in order to prevent theft and extortion, have now turned into a mandatory requirement rather than an arbitrary need. The main reasons and importance of the need for private security services for the site and residence can be listed as follows;

  • Obtaining personal information of those who come to the site and residence as guests and informing the resident of the apartment they came from, ensuring their safe entry,
  • Allowing couriers from cargo and catering companies to enter the site by meeting the necessary security measures,
  • Providing controlled and safe vehicle entry-exit control for the site and residence,
  • Installation of a sufficient amount of security cameras for the site area and its surroundings and monitoring by private security officers on a 24/7 basis,
  • In case of theft and extortion in the site and residence area, we can say that the first response is made by private security officers and then the law enforcement officers are informed.

GKS Group difference in site security

As one of the most preferred private security companies in terms of providing security in sites, apartments and residences, we offer effective and efficient solutions to our business partners by combining our services with the most advanced technologies with our ten years of experience. The site is not only with private security inspections within the apartment and residence:

  • Providing regular patrol services through our field personnel,
  • In case of any danger, if necessary, we improve ourselves and achieve superior success in performing many services such as communicating with law enforcement officers and central operations officers immediately.

In cases where a different security application is required, we take precautions against all kinds of terrorism and other criminal crimes by supporting appropriate technology procedures with personnel. We respond to the search of individuals and institutions to live and work in safer and more free environments. We determine new security strategies by following technological developments closely. We offer professional private security services with expert, experienced management staff and trained personnel.

If you want to provide professional security within the site, apartment and residence, you can contact us and benefit from all the possibilities of our company.


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