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Corporate Cleaning Services

Corporate Cleaning Services

GKS Corporate Cleaning Services is a private organization that provides professional corporate cleaning services and expert personnel support services to institutions and organizations with a different understanding of service. With the fact that specialization increases the service quality, it provides corporate cleaning services and expert personnel support services. Focusing on its core activities, it has pushed it to new pursuits to make a difference and save money. With the development of the concept of Outsourcing, the importance of which is not known for businesses in our country, a sector has been formed in which all transactions other than the field of activity of the institution are managed from a single point.

GKS corporate services reduces the consumption of products, which is the most important expense item for businesses, by performing cleaning services with the option of including materials. While providing business savings in product items that are included in the service fee and whose unlimited supply is provided, it also gets rid of the burden of follow-up.

GKS Corporate Cleaning Services corporate services insures all employees and customers it employs free of charge against possible damages and negativities within the scope of financial liability and personal accident insurance by business line.

GKS Corporate Cleaning Services determines the job definition and process by targeting the corporate services, customer-oriented working principle, continuous and increasing service quality. It guarantees the continuity of the quality service it provides.

GKS corporate services chooses personnel in accordance with the requirements of the job in efficient working standards. It takes care that the right person takes part in the right job. It targets maximum efficiency with the least cost by choosing the detailed shift program and the right devices.

GKS Corporate Cleaning Services keeps all corporate communication tools open 24 hours in terms of corporate services, instant feedback and service quality.

GKS corporate services undertakes all legal responsibilities, payroll transactions, social rights and legal follow-up of every employee it employs.

GKS corporate services aim at unconditional customer satisfaction and reliability, and is among the exemplary companies that are taking firm steps towards branding in their field thanks to its professional management staff and employees and the experience of its founders in the corporate service sector since 2012.

GKS Corporate Cleaning Services continues to grow and gain the satisfaction and trust of its solution partners by determining the most accurate solutions and savings-oriented prices for corporate needs.


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