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Health Institutions Security


Health Institutions Security

Health Institutions and Hospitals are one of the most difficult in terms of implementing private security services and it is a very sensitive issue. Persons served for security purposes; sick people, their relatives, visitors who come to visit their inpatients, doctors and all hospital staff.

The psychological characteristics of all these people, the continuation of health services on a full-time basis for 24 hours, the fact that health institutions and organizations are open to the public, and the frequent occurrence of judicial events increase the importance of hospital security services in particular. However, healthcare institutions are one of the strongest areas in terms of implementing private security services and it is a highly sensitive issue. When we review the law on private security services, health institutions have brought the freedom to be protected by private security services that provide treatment services, and at this point, the demand for private security services has increased for these areas that meet our treatment services.

The importance of security service for health institutions

In these areas that provide treatment services such as health institutions, the primary priority should be hygiene education. Although it is not reserved for private security companies, the first priority of private security personnel is hygiene, and they must be exemplary employees in terms of both being an example and sterilizing the private security cabin. In case of any danger, the task of ensuring crowd control and directing the citizens correctly will be ensured, not causing panic.

Some of the issues that private security companies should pay attention to in providing hospital security can be given as follows;

  • One of the most important issues for private security companies in hospitals where there is the most crowd of people, whether in the private sector or the state sector, is to ensure the security of the existing place with both the camera system and the allocation of private security personnel.
  • Especially in terms of providing security services, it is very important to position the latest technology to the existing hospital and to create control areas for the hospital and its environment.
  • In case of any suspicious situation, it is one of the primary responsibilities of the private security personnel to intervene first, to take the situation under control and to inform the law enforcement officers immediately.

GKS GROUP difference in health institutions

As GKS PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY; We provide services by taking into account the needs and expectations of the health sector employees and patients, and considering the psychology of the patient's relatives.

GKS PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY; To control entry and exit points in Health Institutions / Hospitals, to protect the peace of staff, employees, patients and their relatives, to intervene in patients and their relatives who will cause unrest, confusion and / or chaos in the hospital, to follow people who attract attention and exhibit suspicious behavior, possible attack and / or taking measures against sabotage, taking measures against bombs and similar threats, collective action, riot, facility raid by patients' relatives and / or hostile people, and creating actions to be applied against the attack and lynch attempts of injured defendants during emergency intervention, health in the face of these and similar situations. trained to calm the panic and chaos environment that may be seen in its personnel and other employees,

If technological measures such as tour pen, alarm, camera, employee card / fingerprint readers, vehicle entry-exit barrier mechanisms have been previously positioned in the area to be served, the personnel to be employed by the technical personnel of our company will be trained and any malfunction may occur in the use and follow-up of these devices. is prevented from coming. If these electronic security systems have not been purchased before, it reports to the management with a report for receipt.

As GKS PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY, all of our personnel working in our project are audited by the INSPECTION AND EVALUATION unit of our company on different days and at different times, unannounced and continuously, and the result report is notified to our customers by e-mail.

We respond to the search of individuals and organizations to live and work in safer and more free environments. We determine new security strategies by following technological developments closely. We offer professional private security services with expert, experienced management staff and trained personnel. In cases where a different security application is required, we take precautions against all kinds of terrorism and other criminal crimes by supporting appropriate technology procedures with personnel.

If you want to ensure professional security in health institutions, you can contact us and take advantage of all the possibilities of our company.


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