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Security of Shopping Centers

shopping mall security service

Security of Shopping Centers

Shopping centers, which have an important place in terms of private security, are structures with large sales stores that generally operate within a company and sometimes as a cooperative for the sale of various products and common brands in large and medium-sized cities. Nowadays, the number of shopping malls is increasing rapidly and generally includes sections such as car parks, movie theaters, supermarkets, home-building markets along with shops. Shopping malls planned according to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) are social centers where people spend time together and are among the organizations that require private security services most due to their functionality and visitor density. Therefore, evaluating threats and risks for large-scale businesses such as shopping malls,

The importance of security service in shopping malls

Considering the factors such as the crowding of the shopping centers and the width of the area, it is in the first place among the squares where special security services should be considered very carefully in terms of storage density. The number of private security personnel to work in shopping centers that require a very important work plan to meet private security services is determined in direct proportion to the size of the shopping center.

How should private security services be provided in shopping malls?

As it is extremely important to revise existing security measures and renew them with technological and procedural applications suitable for the conditions of the day, ensuring security by taking into account the vital importance of the person is a very important issue for private security companies. If we list the private security services in shopping malls:

  • Vehicle entry-exit control in car parks,
  • Regular patrols between floors,
  • Detection and elimination of dangerous physical conditions in risk analysis,
  • We can say that the regular control work of alarm systems, the detection and fulfillment of situations such as.

GKS Group difference in Shopping Mall Security

As one of the most preferred private security companies in providing security in shopping malls, we offer effective and efficient solutions to our business partners by combining our services with the most advanced technologies with our ten years of experience. It's not just special security checks in shopping malls:

  • Providing regular patrol services through our field personnel,
  • In case of any danger, if necessary, we improve ourselves and achieve superior success in performing many services such as communicating with law enforcement officers and central operations officers immediately.

In cases where a different security application is required, we take precautions against all kinds of terrorism and other criminal crimes by supporting appropriate technology procedures with personnel. We respond to the search of individuals and organizations to live and work in safer and more free environments. We determine new security strategies by following technological developments closely. We offer professional private security services with expert, experienced management staff and trained personnel.

If you want to ensure the security of shopping malls in a professional way, you can contact us and take advantage of all the possibilities of our company.


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